About me...

An Englishman in New York (sounds familiar…), I’m a portrait photographer with well over a decade's experience in helping performers create beautiful headshots that are honest and effective.
I operate from my studio in NYC but actually live in small fishing village in Connecticut with my wife and dog (Wellington, a Norwich Terrier). I became a photographer back in 2003 and was a digital evangelist for Hasselblad and traveled the world promoting professional digital photography before we had iPhones. I’ve been on TV for various programs like Sweden’s Next Top Model and have photographed unbelievably cool people (both well-known and not so well-known).
I’ve worked across the world for various publications and have had what you’d call a “varied” career. From bouncing around in helicopters with the French Foreign Legion in Africa, to photographing 300 naked people for charity, I haven't exactly seen it all but I’ve seen a lot.
While shooting famous faces, agents would often ask if I could “just do a quick headshot” and would always be delighted with the result. This got me thinking that I could perhaps bring a lot to the table for performers at the beginning of their careers. If I can make a difference to a budding actor’s life by shooting an amazing headshot that gets them seen, then I can sleep fairly well at night.


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