/ fɪɡ / dʒam /   noun
Acronym for f**k I’m good just ask me
An exclamation of triumph
Used by many Australians after completing a task,
winning an award or just revelling in their own awesomeness
A headshot photographer operating from my studio in NYC, I collaborate with performers to produce photography that works as hard as it possibly can to optimize careers and snag auditions. Having worked as a fashion and celebrity photographer all over the world my career has led me to NYC and I spend my days working with the hundreds of talented people who surge into this city every year in search of success.  
I specialize in simple, clean, uncomplicated headshots that work. 
You don’t need me to underscore the importance of a good headshot, but I will anyway. It’s the very first thing a casting agent or potential client will see and, even though it's been said many times before, you only get one shot at a good first impression. 
I’m here to help make that first impression a brilliant one.​​​​​​​