What’s your technique? 
How does it work?​​​​​​​
When you book in for a headshot session with me, you’re booking someone you can totally trust. I really understand what makes performers tick, what they want from their headshots and how deeply passionate they are about their careers. I teach workshops in headshot technique at various drama schools and university programs in the New York Metro area and have worked with lots of famous faces, too (don’t worry, I’m not about to start name-dropping). 
On the day, we’ll start off slowly (especially if you’re feeling nervous), we'll do a little 'warm up lap' for the first 10 minutes - me getting used to you and you getting used to me and the camera. I also can help you figure out your “best side” and we can experiment with angles to find one you like. 
Sometimes I'll get you to run a few lines, try some character work, whatever helps you relax and be present to the camera.
This shoot really is all about you and your work. I’ll work closely with you to create a set of headshots that make the very most of your “marketable” qualities. It goes without saying, but this isn’t a glamour shoot. The idea isn't to make you look as flawless as possible or give you a set of Tinder-worthy profile pictures. The idea is to get you work. 
Trust me when I say nothing kills a shoot quicker than vanity.